IT RemoteCare

A unique approach to IT support that’s priced for small business, IT RemoteCare® is comprised of 3 services: SystemCare, NetworkCare & ManagedCare

IT RemoteCare provides a pro-active, “total coverage” approach to the management of your computers and network, regardless of the size of your business. With the three components of IT RemoteCare, Hooks Systems maintains a healthy and secure network environment for your business while providing your users with superior helpdesk support.


Quarterly Services

SystemCare is the foundation of IT RemoteCare. This quarterly service is essential to ensure that your servers, computers, and tablets remain secure, healthy, and perform at optimal levels. Patch and Service Pack management ensure that all computers have the latest protection against outside threats as well as the latest performance enhancements.

  •   Security and Patch Management
  •   24×7 around the clock monitoring
  •   System optimization
  •   Weekly System Audits


Monthly Services

NetworkCare, the core of IT RemoteCare, provides essential network administration and monitoring services on a monthly basis. With rapid helpdesk support for your users and our 24/7 network monitoring you’ll always know your network is performing the way it should.

  •   Dedicated Account Manager
  •   24×7 around the clock monitoring
  •   Secure and rapid helpdesk support
  •   Backup management


On-Demand Services

ManagedCare is our suite of services that cover everything else. ManagedCare services are provided at flat fees to ensure predictable costs in your budget. These services are designed around industry-standard installation and configuration of Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Servers, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, Network Switches and many other devices.

  •   Flat fee services – No hidden costs
  •   Professional Installations
  •   Project Management
  •   Anti-Virus – Anti-Malware Services


IT RemoteCare Editions

IT RemoteCare is offered in three monthly editions.
The difference is simple. You determine the level of support you need.

  • Lite Edition

  • Most Affordable
  • Remote Support – Pay As Needed
    Onsite Support – Pay As Needed
  • This edition is ideal for clients who feel they have minimal IT support needs. It provides flexibility to pay for additional
    services as needed.
  • Plus Edition

  • Most Support
  • Remote Support – Unlimited
    Onsite Support – 12 Onsite Incidents
  • This edition provides unlimited remote IT support for users and 12 annual onsite incidents. Ideal for clients that budget their IT expenses on an annual basis.

Features and Benefits


Network Monitoring

We provide 24/7 network monitoring of devices which notifies us when a critical event has occurred. This allows us to take action many times before you, the client, is even aware and to prevent further disruption. The network monitoring capabilities of IT RemoteCare allow us to see many trends and statistics that help us to be proactive in reducing such failures in the future.


Network Management of IT Devices

We are able to provide an enormous amount of management capabilities through IT RemoteCare straight to users. We are even able to push out IT policies on-the-fly to a specific user, even if they are away from the office, since IT RemoteCare is in an always-on state while the computer is active.


IT Support via Helpdesk

Clients are granted access to our client portal. From the helpdesk portal, users are able to browse posted solutions and submit ticket requests. If you submit a ticket request, you will receive an email notification stating the details of your request. Once you gain access to the helpdesk portal, you are able to view pending requests, completed requests and the history of all your requests.


Remote IT Support

Clients are provided access to our client portal. From the support portal, users are able to start a secure remote session with an IT RemoteCare specialist. Remote sessions are established using 256-bit SSL encryption to provide a secure session between users and our IT support technicians.


Internet Content Filtering

Unwanted content being viewed and accessed by employees has become a big concern for most businesses. With IT RemoteCare, your internet connection can be protected against up to 50 categories of potential threats. Many of the sites in these categories can cause great harm to your network and compromise overall security within your organization.


Remote Power Outlet Management

While restarting a server, many processes can cause a server to hang preventing it from being in a usable state at the beginning of the next work day. With IT RemoteCare, your network server will be plugged into a remote power block that gives us the ability to remotely kill the power on a hung server to allow it to recover from a failed restart.


Dedicated Account Manager

Once you sign up for our IT RemoteCare, you will be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager. Your Dedicated Account Manager will always be available to discuss any concerns or IT support issues that may arise. You will also receive an annual technology review of your entire IT infrastructure to ensure you are knowledgeable about your network and able to adequately budget for future IT expenses.


Additional Services

Many of our services are offered on a flat-fee basis such as server, workstation and firewall installations.