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We provide 24/7 monitoring of network devices which notifies us when a critical event has occurred. This allows us to take action many times before you, the client, is even aware and to prevent further disruption. These monitoring capabilities of IT RemoteCare allow us to see many network trends and statistics that help us to be proactive in reducing such failures in the future.

Device Monitoring

Network monitoring is a key and necessary service to ensure that all network devices are up and running. With IT RemoteCare, your network devices will be monitored for device availability, performance bottlenecks and potential problems that could affect the overall health of your network.

Server Monitoring

Servers play a critical role and are one of the most vital components of your network. It is imperative to be able to detect and quickly respond to any server problem or event as they occur. With IT RemoteCare, your server will be monitored for key health parameters such as CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization. We will receive automatedalerts to identify when your server is overloaded which could lead to server outages.

Exchange Server Monitoring

Your business is probably extremely dependent on your email server. With IT RemoteCare, we are able to monitor mission critical components of Exchange to troubleshoot a problem and fix it quickly. We are also able to determine the overall health and identify potential problems and put measure into place to reduce downtime or prevent it altogether.

Active Directory Monitoring

Active Directory is the heart and soul of your network identity. It keeps up with all your network user accounts, determines the level of access users are allowed and much more. If its performance is poor, it will prevent your network from performing at its optimal level. Monitoring is essential to detect problems as they occur and resolve potential problems before they cause network outages.

Windows Services Monitoring

There can be hundreds of services running on a server. Many of these services are configured to startup automatically and are expected to run continuously. In the event that one of these services stop, users can experience down time and network usage will halt. With IT RemoteCare, all services that startup automatically on servers are monitored and will notify us when a service fails. We are then able to respond to this down event and many times able to start the service remotely.

Windows Process Monitoring

Monitoring system resources (CPU utilization, memory utilization) and having alerts set-up to notify us when unhealthy utilization levels are reached helps to guarantee optimal server or application performance. Servers and individual services can also be quickly restarted when a problem is encountered.

Server Backup Monitoring

Server backup is probably the single most important task that you need monitored. You MUST know that your valuable data is being backed up and taken off-site on a daily basis. In the event of server failure, it is imperative that you have a current and good backup. With IT RemoteCare, you server backups are monitored you will be notified in the event of a failure so that another backup can be started immediately.

Switch Monitoring

Switches serve as the “hub”of your network. They provide a central connection point for your entire network infrastructure. If a switch fails, you could suffer partial or entire network outage. With IT RemoteCare, your switchesare monitored to ensurethat they are functioning at optimal levels.

Firewall Monitoring

Firewalls are your first line of defense so it is important to make sure they are always up and functioning properly. With IT RemoteCare, your firewall is monitored for availability, number of connections and bandwidth Performance levels.

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