FAQ – IT Services

What is IT RemoteCare?
A: IT RemoteCare is a suite of monitoring, management and remote IT services that provides an affordable complete coverage approach to ensure that you have a healthy network and superior user support. IT RemoteCare is offered in 3 editions (Lite, Standard, Plus).
How does this help my business?
A: The best way we can answer this question is to just let our clients answer it for us. Please check out our testimonials and you will see just a fraction of our clients affirming their success with IT RemoteCare.
What is main difference between Lite, Standard, Plus?
A: All 3 editions of IT RemoteCare have the same core components of service. The main difference between them is that the Standard and Plus editions offer unlimited remote (break/fix) support. In addition to unlimited remote (break/fix) support, Plus edition also offers 12 annual onsite incidents.
How much does an IT RemoteCare cost?
A: Cost of IT RemoteCare services are based on Organizational fees and Remote Site fees. Once these fees are determined, they will be outlined in our IT RemoteCare agreement. We determine one organizational fee for your company. This fee is determined by the complexity of your network environment, servers and network devices. For companies with multiple locations, we determine a remote site fee for each office.
How do I get started?
A: The first step is to sign an IT RemoteCare Agreement. Just contact our office or submit an IT RemoteCare quote request right from our website. You will be contacted shortly by an IT RemoteCare specialist to walk you through the process and how to get started TODAY!

What is SystemCare?
A: SystemCare is a required service to ensure that your network remains secure, healthy and performs at optimal levels. It delivers Microsoft patch and service pack management to ensure all servers and workstations have the latest operating system hotfixes, patches and service packs which provide most up-to-date protection. It also offers asset management of servers and workstations. These devices are scanned weekly to ensure the asset management reports are accurate with the latest information of hardware, software and device statistics.
Why is it necessary?
A: This service is the core foundation to the overall success of IT RemoteCare. Without it, the entire IT infrastructure would be at risk with outdated and unprotected servers and workstations.
How much does it cost?
A: This service is provided at a cost of only ½ hour fee per workstation and 1-hour fee per server. The service is billed at the end of each quarter.
Why not just add this cost to monthly IT RemoteCare?
A: Since this service is provided throughout each quarter, we felt that quarterly billing was more appropriate once SystemCare service was completed for that quarter.

What is NetworkCare?
A: NetworkCare is comprised of network monitoring, remote IT administration and network management services. Each of these modules provides specific services to ensure that your network remains secure, healthy and performs at optimal levels.
What is remote monthly network monitoring
A: Around the clock monitoring of network devices which notifies us when a critical event has occurred. This monitoring includes network devices such as firewalls, network switches and wireless access points. This type of monitoring allows us to see many network trends and statistics that help us to be proactive in reducing network outages.
What is remote monthly IT administration?
A: This is a series of administrative services that include: Analyzing and servicing user requests. AD (Active Directory) administration such as grooming inactive user accounts, computer accounts and network objects. Posting approved support solutions made available to our IT RemoteCare clients through our client portal. Report generation of overall IT RemoteCare services.
What is remote monthly network management?
A: This is a series of management services that include: In-depth management of network devices such as servers, workstations, switches, firewalls and wireless access points. Review of overall server health to ensure stability and optimal performance. Provide management of content filtering to restrict unwanted internet content and user access to unproductive websites. Provide management of daily server backups. Creation of IT workflows policies such as login scripts, device restarts and secure desktop.

What is ManagedCare?
A: ManagedCare are services to ensure uniformity throughout your entire IT infrastructure. This is also critical to the success of IT RemoteCare. Without the uniformity that these processes enforce, it would impede the ability for IT RemoteCare to achieve appropriate results.
Can we use our own anti-virus?
A: In order for us to properly manage security risk assessment and protection for your servers and workstations, it is imperative that you use our managed suite of security protection.
Can we install our own network devices?
A: There is much more to proper installation of network devices than just physically connecting a device to a network with a few installation steps. We have invested years into our installation procedures. These procedures ensure proper installation methods of network devices within an IT environment. The execution of these procedures are so in-depth, they are usually beyond the scope and abilities of most non-technical people. We do, however, try to facilitate the use of any in-house capabilities without compromise to our IT RemoteCare objectives.

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