What’s Your Company’s Biggest Security Threat?

What is be the most significant threat to cybersecurity teams in 2018? According to a May 2018 survey from information security company Trustwave, 22 percent of full-time information technology (IT) professionals said preventing malware, including ransomware, was their biggest security threat and obligation for 2018.


Trustwave commissioned a third-party research firm to create the 2018 Security Pressures survey, which polled 1,600 security decision-makers and influencers in six countries about the types of information security pressures they face. Their responses helped illustrate the priorities of security teams in their ongoing fight against digital threats.

Malicious activity wasn’t the only threat felt by participants in the Trustwave survey. The second biggest pressure was identifying vulnerabilities (17 percent) — which fell from holding the top spot in 2017. Preventing social engineering and phishing attacks came in third place (13 percent), and patching vulnerabilities came in fourth place (12 percent).

Besides threats and responsibilities, IT professionals reported that they also face a number of obligations involved with running their employer’s information security program. Twenty-six percent said advanced security threats produce the most operational pressure, followed by a lack of budget (17 percent) and a lack of security skills and expertise (16 percent).

Trustwave explained in its report that organizations could bolster their security with the help of a managed services provider (MSP) by keeping an eye out for providers with global reach, ample security expertise and a robust portfolio of solutions.

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