Could a disaster close your business for good? It depends…

Gartner Group says that 43 percent of companies were immediately put out of business by a “major loss” of computer records, and another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years — leaving a mere six percent “survival” rate!

Cyber Security is in our new headlines every week.  Network intrusions by hackers can actually destroy all of your business data or encrypt the files and hold the data folders hostage in the case of Ransomware.

Paying the ransom (after figuring out how to purchase bitcoins for payment) is no guarantee you will receive the encryption key to re-open the folders. These are criminals after all.

On another front, scientists predict increasingly severe weather and very active years ahead for tropical storms, flash floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.  This past year seems to prove them right with destruction and devastation across the U.S.

This means your business facility could be damaged by flooding or high winds destroying your electronic business records as well as your in-house backups at the same time.

How can you survive this? The place to start is with an I.T. consultant who can assist you with a Disaster Recovery plan and then implement it for you.  Data loss can be totally prevented by a Proactive Backup Plan.

Hooks Systems of Wilmington and Myrtle Beach has been an acknowledged industry leader in Proactive I.T. Services for over 20 years. Hooks has a disaster recovery solution for every need and every budget.  Their 24 x 7 management and monitoring combined with a variety of Cloud Storage and off-site storage solutions ensure reliable data backups and quick data restoration if disaster should ever strike.

Properly configured and monitored off-site backups will survive any disaster meaning that you can recover from any type of disaster!