Rebooting your Computer Can Keep It Young

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If you’re interested in prolonging the lives of your office computers, consider rebooting your office computers nightly. There are a number of benefits your company can reap from regularly rebooting workplace PCs, including improved performance and stability.

Updates and Installations

By rebooting your computers on a nightly basis, you can effectively complete any Windows or program updates   performed throughout the day. Many Windows updates don’t take effect until the computer has been rebooted. Similarly, many newly-installed programs won’t properly run until the PC on which they’ve been installed has been rebooted.

Bug Fixes

Computers that go without reboots for extended periods are prone to an assortment of  freeze-ups and slower performance. Rebooting your computers on a nightly basis will prevent the systems’ processors from becoming overloaded from running unneeded routine program functions while the employee is home asleep.

Faster Performance

Nightly reboots can also prove instrumental in keeping your workplace’s computers running quickly. As you open and close programs throughout the workday and browse the Internet, you create an assortment of temporary files that are steadily accumulated on the system. When a large number of these files occupy a PC, decreased performance speed is likely to follow. However, by instituting a company-wide reboot policy you can clear your systems of “temp” files and keep them running smoothly.

Scheduled Reboots

All of the computers on your network can be rebooted nightly from your server or individually, if you don’t have a server.  Hooks Systems will be happy to provide this service for your organization ensuring better performance and less aggravation for your staff. With our very affordable I.T. RemoteCare services we can manage and monitor your business’ network 24 hours a day. Our 24 hour help desk can immediately handle any needs or issues remotely to get you back to work in minutes!