WAVE Transit’s Operations Center is very green


Wave Transit’s new $13.5 million operations center on Castle Hayne Road, completed last year, allowed WAVE to relocate the operations center from Castle Street as well as their Paratransit Operations, formerly located on Division Drive.

Funding for the operations center came from the State of NC, the U.S. Department of Transportation and a 3 percent local contribution.

The new Ops Center will be used by 100 of Wave’s 130 employees, mostly drivers.

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A row of compressed natural gas fueling stations allows WAVE to rely less on diesel fuel with substantial cost savings.

The new Ops Center features energy-efficient computers and equipment that will allow Wave to reuse 90 percent of the water needed to wash buses and other vehicles.

WAVE had their I.T. support company, Hooks Systems of Wilmington, NC consult on the various technologies installed in the new facility.