Problems plague Microsoft’s new Windows 10 on Week 1

I have gotten a lot of questions from our clients this week about the release of Windows 10 and whether they should upgrade. They also asked why we weren’t jumping on the Microsoft bandwagon and installing it everywhere.

While there is no question that the response to Windows 10 has been overwhelmingly positive, when you think about it, anything would seem like a huge improvement compared to the disaster that was Windows 8!

People love that the Start Menu has made its triumphant return and replaced the Start screen that everyone hated so much, and new features like Cortana and the Edge web browser are also popular new features.

Of course, nothing is perfect. And, until it is closer to perfect, our Hooks Systems clients are better off waiting until all of these problems are fixed:

Activation Issues

First and foremost, some people are reporting difficulty activating Windows 10 once it’s installed. The bad news is there’s really nothing you can do on your end to fix it. The good news, however, is that this issue sometimes resolves itself after a few minutes, but sometimes not.

Chrome is slow

Chrome browser users are running into a bunch of problems with slow performance, especially when performing heavy tasks like streaming video.

We’ll have to wait for Google to iron out the bugs but in the meantime Google says that killing all your extensions will help a bit. If that doesn’t help, try reinstalling Chrome.

Where are my favorites?

The new Edge browser is really much better than Internet Explorer. To be honest, it would be difficult to make a browser worse than IE, but Edge is a  simple browser that’s quick and clean.

But where are your favorites?

Click the  button to open the menu and then click Settings. Scroll to Import favorites from another browser, and then choose your old browser and click  Import.

Folder fail

According to some users, there actually is one area where Windows 8 is better than Windows 10: The email app in Windows 10 doesn’t allow people to create subfolders when organizing their email.

For people who need their email folders, there’s no fix for the time being.

Connectivity complaints

A number of Windows 10 users are complaining that their Wi-Fi is cutting out and it won’t reconnect. This is actually a pretty common problem across all versions of Windows, and the fix is the same as it is for Windows 8, Windows 7, and every other version out there: Reboot.

So, what is our best advice for our Hooks Systems clients and readers? Just WAIT!

Microsoft will get these problems fixed and issue patches or a service pack.  Then Windows 10 might be ready for business and professional use.  Stay tuned…