Pender EMS & Fire expands to better server Pender County

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Pender EMS and Fire Inc., provides Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Crash Rescue, Search and Rescue, and Medical Transport Services across the 857 square miles of Pender County.

The county has 50,000 year round residents, with a seasonal influx of more than 300,000 tourists. Providing this high level of emergency medical care and fire protection requires 132 full-time and 60 part-time employees, along with volunteer members, that staff these stations and apparatus.

PTS Ambulance

Pender EMS and Fire Inc., boasts seven Paramedic Ambulances, two Paramedic Quick Response Vehicles, one Bariatric Transport Ambulance, six Non-Emergency Patient Care Transport Ambulances, and five Wheelchair Transport Vans. The Rescue Technicians of the Rescue Division also operate two crash-rescue trucks certified in Heavy Rescue.

10-12-11 Swift Water Class 081

Pender EMS & Fire also provides Ocean Rescue with rescue swimmers, in addition to Flat Water and Swift Water Rescue. 







Six Fire Stations Four Engine Companies and Two Ladder Companies with Boat operations are based on the east and west sides of the county. Emergency Medical Ambulances are staffed by one EMT-Paramedic and one EMT-Intermediate or Basic.  All nine stations have full living quarters and backup generator power.

Hooks Systems of Wilmington, NC is proud to provide 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and maintenance for the entire Pender EMS & Fire operation utilizing our unique IT RemoteCare services.