Annoying Windows 8 features disappear in Windows 10!

Windows 8 Start screen


Windows 8 was a nightmare for many consumers from day one, and largely still is. Microsoft took a risk by releasing Windows 8 hoping to lead the touch-based device market into the future. However, it was met with resistance from most users, even after the release of three major updates for the OS. Here’s a look at the annoyances of Windows 8 that are gone and won’t be missed in Windows 10.

When Windows 8 was first launched, the biggest complaint was the lack of a Start menu. Instead, it had a Start screen with a bunch of app tiles on it. The first Windows 8.1 update brought back a Start button, but no menu.

The Start screen in Windows 10 is completely gone and is replaced by a new Start menu, which can be toggled full-screen and back. It does have elements of the Modern UI, but you can customize it how you like, and even get rid of Modern-style apps if you want.

The good news is that if you’re using Windows 7, making the transition to Windows 10 will be much easier.

Windows 8 is a clunky operating system that wasn’t received well by the public, but we’ve been using the Windows 10 tech preview for a while now, and can assure you it’s no Windows 8, and it’s nice to see the most annoying aspects of it have been killed off.

Corner-based navigation makes sense on a touch device, but not a traditional computer. It’s irritating to have touch features like the recent apps bar pop up because your mouse pointer is in the corner of the screen. This feature is gone in Windows 10, while a new feature called Virtual Desktops is there if you need an easy way to access other apps. And long time Windows users will be glad to know that Alt + Tab still works.

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