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What’s new with Gmail?

Is email a dinosaur from the early days of computing? Or is it something that’s so simple that it never really needed to evolve? Google seems to be moving towards the former, while leaving a foot firmly planted in the latter. Meet Google’s Inbox: kind of like a new cleaner version of Gmail, but without ….Read More

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SecureDrives destroy data with a text message

  Remember in Mission Impossible when the secret agent’s mission data self-destructs after he plays it? Here in the real world misplaced storage device could lead to the leaking of a few embarrassing photos for some, while for those dealing in confidential information there might be a whole lot more at stake. Enter these self-destructing ….Read More

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

  President Obama made a proclamation on September 30, 2014 that is worth having a look at. Knowing now that the U.S. Government is deep into offensive cyber war with advanced malware like Stuxnet, and the NSA is almost able to get into anything, anywhere using unknown 0-day vulnerabilities, this becomes very interesting reading.  President ….Read More

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