Rotating 3D Printer/Scanner designed for desktop

The Blacksmith Genesis all-in-one 3D printer, scanner, and copier boasts a compact size an...

3D printing may be one of the few technologies that actually holds a solid claim to the over-used adjectives “disruptive” and “world-changing,” but its bulky hardware and complicated operation still largely limits its appeal to a market of enthusiasts and experts.

Blacksmith, a startup from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, hopes to give 3D printing more mass market appeal with the Blacksmith Genesisa, a new all-in-one 3D printer, scanner, and copier that handles all of the tedious and tricky parts of the process for you

Whereas most existing commercial 3D printers use a Cartesian coordinates system, sliding inflexibly in flat planes, the diminutive Genesis – which is slightly taller than a conventional home printer and has base dimensions slightly larger than US legal paper – functions in a manner similar to a record player – with a revolving platform that rotates the object being scanned or printed.

This allows for a much smaller machine size proportional to the print/scan area and saves time during the print process as the extruder (which deposits the filament used to build objects) both travels and stops less frequently.

Blacksmith Genesis aims to be different in that it comes pre-built, fits comfortably alongside your desktop computer, and requires minimal technical know-how to use.


Source: Richard Moss-Gizmag