Carolina Beach upgrades Technology to better serve its residents



The Town of Carolina Beach has many favorite  attractions for locals residents and tourists alike. The Town has thousands of visitors each year who come there to experience the beaches, the Sunsets, The Boardwalk with its many shops and the fun of outdoor movies and fireworks in the evening breeze.

Each year the town grows a little bit, vehicle and foot traffic is a little bit heavier and the demand on Carolina Beach’s government services increases. 

To be certain that they can keep up with these demands, The Town of Carolina Beach recently had their I.T. Support company, Hooks Systems of Wilmington, NC upgrade their Technology Infrastructure with new high speed fiber optic links and switches connecting the town departments. 

Servers were also replaced at the Fire Department, Police Department and Town Hall with newer high-speed models and some of the Town’s data was moved to Cloud Storage as a vital part of the Town’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. Hooks Systems monitors the entire Carolina Beach network 24 x 7 utilizing their unique I.T. RemoteCare services.