Even more Heartbleed threats reported! READ THIS!

Heartbleed is such a serious leak that it has its own branding. Illustration: Codenomicon.


Now it’s Heartbleed Phishing Attacks

The Heartbleed vulnerability is causing massive security breaches and headaches for everyone . Talk about a FIRE that needs to be put out. On a scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11.

And to throw some gasoline on this fire, there are hackers sending out phishing emails related to Heartbleed. One of these is that they try to trick users to give passwords that have not been compromised yet!

A list of more than 10,000 domains that were vulnerable, patched or unaffected by the bug was found on Pastebin by Easy Solutions. The fraud prevention company believes hackers are most likely behind the list.

“A lot of time what these guys will do is dump a list of inventory on Pastebin, cut that link and then share the link with their friends on a (underground) forum,” Daniel Ingevaldson, Chief Technology Officer for Easy Solutions, said. “So, it’s essentially a billboard for a service.”

There are now world-wide scans going on across the whole ‘Net, many of these are legit scans, but the bad guys are not sitting still and they are also looking for potential victims. “We’re seeing a systematic canvassing of the entire Internet right now to see what’s vulnerable and what isn’t,” Ingevaldson said. “It’s a bit of a gold rush.”

Tell your users to watch out for any emails (or scam phone calls) that relate to the Heartbleed bug. Any emails with links should not be followed, any attachments should not be opened, and in case they want to change a password, wait until that site has announced they are patched, and they should go to that site directly and not click on any link to get there.

Check back for the latest on this bad boy…..