Safe computing-what should I be doing?

Hacker med.           What can I do to avoid hackers and malicious viruses?  As an I.T. Support provider people ask us this question every day. Internet and network security is a constant race to stay ahead of the latest mischief and criminal activity that dominates our news media. Even though there is no one-size-fits all solution for corporate, small business and home users, there are some basic precautions and strategies that everyone should follow.

  • Firewall protection is essential. Hardware firewall at home and office, software firewall on mobile devices.
  • Down load and install good Antivirus software and be sure that virus definitions are being updated regularly.
  • Do not EVER open an email unless you know the sender and it has something that makes sense to you in the SUBJECT line
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone, even family members. If a hacker can’t access it, they can’t invade your computer.
  • Do not save credit card numbers on your computing device.
  • Stay alert when using your devices and do not answer yes to anything that you aren’t sure of.