N.C. Coastal Land Trust-preserving our coast for 20 years

The N.C. Coastal Land Trust is a non-profit organization formed in 1992 to work with landowners who wish to conserve lands with scenic, recreational, historic or ecological value.

The N.C. Coastal Land Trust is working exclusively on saving land throughout North Carolina’s coastal plain. They save beaches that become state parks, streams that provide clean water, forests that are havens for wildlife, working farms that provide local food and beautiful nature parks for everyone to enjoy. In their first twenty years, they have saved close to 50,000 acres of land. They focus on saving really special places, like barrier islands, nature parks and longleaf pine forests.

Recently, The Coastal Land Trust teamed up with their I.T. Consultants, Hooks Systems of Wilmington, N.C. to upgrade their network and technologies. The upgrades improved their network security and file storage and included cloud solutions for their email, teleconferencing and accounting. Hooks Systems provides 24 x 7 monitoring and constant maintenance of the NC-CLT network with their industry-leading I.T. RemoteCare Services.