Hooks Systems provides technology upgrades for leading mental health provider Evergreen Behavioral Management

Evergreen-Sign-100-1024x659Evergreen Behavioral Management, Inc. is committed to helping individuals and families affected by Mental Illness, Physical Illness, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse achieve their full potential to live, work and grow in their community and have a higher quality of life.

From 1987 to 1997 Ginger Gore provided quality childcare in her area as the owner and operator of Little Schoolhouse in Lake Waccamaw. She began Evergreen Behavioral Services after being unable to find adequate Mental Healthcare for the children she served. Services at the time were limited and had long waiting lists.

Ginger became the Chair of Columbus County Child Care Association in 1990 and became an advocate on the county, state, and federal level for the funding of child services. Now, over five facilities later, Evergreen has become a leader in providing mental health services and assimilating those affected back into a healthy happy lifestyle.

Their structured community-based programs enhance the lives of both their clients and the communities that they serve. The specializations of the Mental Health professionals at Evergreen include adolescent psychiatry, Adult psychiatry, Psychiatry of Old Age (Psychogeriatrics), Emergency psychiatry, Addiction psychiatry as well as a wide range of community services.

Evergreen worked with their I.T. Support company, Hooks Systems of Wilmington, to achieve significant increases in their ability to provide a vast range of mental health services to their clients in several S.E. NC counties.

Hooks Systems migrated Evergreen’s mission-critical email and scheduling services to a cloud-based Office 365 solution at Microsoft Corporation making the email services ALWAYS AVAILABLE as well as reducing the complexity of Evergreen’s in-house computer network.

This is critical because Evergreen also provides Disaster-related mental health services and needs to have their vital email links working despite power outages after storms. Access to Electronic Health Records on remote devices is also critical to providing mental health services out in the communities. Hooks Systems installed virtual terminal servers to allow remote access to laptops and tablet PC’s using cellular data links and wi-fi from remote locations.

Hooks Systems provides Evergreen with around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of their network utilizing their  IT RemoteCare Services.