Hooks Systems performs major surgery on Dr. Laura Harris’ computer network so that she can give her patients a new view of the world

While cataracts can be a natural part of aging, there is no reason to live with this potentially debilitating condition due to extraordinary advancements in surgical technology.

Today, cataracts can be corrected with a micro-incision, state of the art, outpatient surgery so common that over 3 million procedures are performed in the United States each year.

Dr. Laura L. Harris of Cataract Consultants in Wilmington, North Carolina provides outstanding diagnosis and surgical treatment of cataracts and related eye conditions and diseases. She is a Board-certified, Fellowship trained ophthalmologist and surgeon.  Along with her expertly‑trained surgical team and their friendly and efficient office staff, they offer the best treatment options and modern equipment currently available without sacrificing the convenience of local care.

Hooks Systems, Dr. Harris’ IT Provider, recently installed several major upgrades at Cataract Consultants utilizing the latest in virtualization technology to install several servers.

This approach helped to minimize hardware and electrical expenses while providing leading-edge imaging, mobile charts and Electronic Health Records at all of the facilities served by Dr. Harris. The main server cabinet is so unobtrusive that the area can still be used as a comfortable break room. Hooks Systems also provides their IT RemoteCare suite of computer support services to instantly handle any computer issues.