Hooks Systems supports technology upgrades at Cameron Management


Cameron Management of Wilmington, NC provides workplaces for local businesses of all sizes from small boutiques to large properties housing the area’s largest employers.

Cameron Management is an investment management company with a focus on real estate development, brokerage, and property management. Their team offers a variety of commercial real estate and property development services in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.

The principals and predecessors of Cameron Management have been at the forefront of the Wilmington, NC real estate market and business community for over fifty years.

Cameron Management has been a leading developer in many areas of our Community:

When they decided to upgrade their property management, accounting and investment technologies, they called on their I.T. support company, Hooks Systems of Wilmington, NC, to implement the upgrade of their servers and software.

The Hooks Systems team utilized “Virtual Servers to provide a more cost-effective and energy efficient approach to the project. Cameron Management now has the latest capabilities and technologies available to serve their clients for years to come.