Carolina Beach and Hooks Systems use Virtualization Technology to save tax dollars on computer services.


The regularly-planned upgrade of several technologies at  The Town of Carolina Beach, NC couldn’t have come at a worse time, budget-wise: the U.S. and local economies are in a slump, the town is growing and every tax dollar has to be spent wisely.

Hooks Systems, who provides I.T. Support services for the town, worked with the town’s staff to design new energy-efficient “virtualized” servers which now host all of the town’s municipal software.  Virtualization allows multiple single-purpose servers to be combined onto one “server box”. This approach has reduced the hardware and electricity expenses to TCB taxpayers by several thousand dollars.

The upgrades to Carolina Beach’s technology include:

  • a new municipal financial management software package integrates the needs of several of the town’s administrative departments onto one server
  • a new document imaging system reduces paper and copying expenses
  • Policepak integrates several law enforcement records management functions
  • An upgraded email server provides communications between all departments and mobile users as well as with the public
  • A virtualized Remote Access server connects mobile users such as emergency & public utility vehicles and satellite offices throughout the town, such as the water quality laboratory to the town’s network.
  • Integrated daily backups protect the town’s records and data.
  • Hooks Systems also provides 24 x 7 network monitoring & maintenance for the town.

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