Why Hooks Systems

Our clients at work, doing what they do best.

Learn how IT RemoteCare is contributing to their success.

We care about your business, not just your IT

First and foremost, we want to play a role in ensuring you are a successful business for years to come. Since 1995, we have focused on and built our business and reputation on high-quality, affordable IT support — one client at a time. Your success has a direct impact on our success. We understand the daunting task you face each day simply trying to run your business, not to mention trying to keep your IT in check. Every distraction is an obstacle to the success of your business and IT can be one of the biggest and most frustrating ones of them all. We can help!

It’s one thing to need great IT service, but another to afford it

Early on, we met so many clients who all seemed to have one thing in common. They all desperately needed help with their technology, but could not find a good IT company that was affordable. At that point, we knew how important it was to deliver great IT services to everyone at a price they could afford and we were committed to achieve it!

A different approach to IT support

We know your computers exists for the sole purpose of helping you run your business. You simply want them to work. We can make that happen. Unlike many IT companies, we don’t try to manage you. We simply focus on managing your network and making it work for you. You ask questions, we provide complete no-nonsense answers and solutions. Our goal is to keep you well informed so you can always make a good business decisions when it comes to IT. It should be an asset, not a liability. Once you experience the Hooks difference, you will know why so many of our clients have been with us for years and know you are in good hands.


“Since 1995, we have built our business and reputation one client at a time. Over the years, our clients have shared with us their IT support needs and concerns. We have always worked tirelessly to give our clients peace of mind by providing effective and affordable network solutions and keeping them well informed in the ever changing world of computer technology.

As our clients have committed to us, we have also vowed to be a part of their journey. Whether they have faced rapid business expansion, a complete IT infrastructure update or difficulties in their business, we have always met the demand. This level of commitment has established profound trust with our clients and many today view us as a part of their company and not just one of their vendors.

It is extremely gratifying to reach this pinnacle in a relationship with our clients and something that we never take for granted.

I want to personally thank everyone who has become our client for your years of trust and support. We will continue to enhance and make IT RemoteCare® an even better product for years to come.

Our purpose and success is determined by our clients, not by us.”

Gerald Hooks – President/Owner