Alpha Mortgage

My previous IT Company talked a great game but didn’t deliver. I was very unsatisfied with the level of service we were receiving. Our network was very fragmented and unreliable. Our servers were crashing often and we were experiencing much downtime and lost productivity. My employees were frustrated with the inconsistency of our network and lack of prompt IT support. Our backup systems were not working properly and were not monitored. I felt vulnerable about the health and overall security of my network.

Since becoming an IT RemoteCare client with Hooks Systems in 2004, we have seen an immediate difference in the quality of care and attention that we receive. They quickly resolved our issues and secured our network.

We have benefited greatly from the services that IT RemoteCare provides to us. The technicians at Hooks Systems are able to fix most of our issues immediately. My employees now report back to me how satisfied they are with the promptness and quick resolution to problems that they receive daily from Hooks Systems.

Since we switched to Hooks Systems and their IT RemoteCare services, we can now concentrate our efforts on doing business. I now have peace of mind knowing that our network is secure and working efficiently.

What’s peace of mind worth?

Michael Lopez – President
Wilmington, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville, Greensboro