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Server or The Cloud or BOTH?

Is your server ready to be retired?  You’re now at that decision point that so many other business people are finding themselves this year.  And the decision is this:  do you replace that old server with a new server…or do you go to the cloud or maybe both? At Hooks Systems we hear this question every week. ….Read More

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Cape Fear Literacy is Opening Doors & Changing Lives

  The Cape Fear Literacy Council (CFLC) provides free and confidential learning programs to help adults reach their maximum potential. Adult Basic Literacy (ABL) One-on-one tutoring is the core of CFLC’s adult literacy program. They provide free, confidential, and individualized instruction to adults seeking to improve their skills in reading, writing, and math. Volunteers complete extensive ….Read More

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You Need A Plan! Introducing DR and BC

In today’s market, nearly every aspect of a company’s operations rely on technology, no matter how small or large—from inventory to finance, from equipment maintenance to HR. Growing businesses need to keep up with the latest technology advances and eliminate bad work practices in order to maintain a competitive edge. Proactively planning and implementing Disaster Recovery ….Read More

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Social Media in the Workplace

More and more workers are logging onto Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media during the day, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center. It’s not all for personal reasons; many workers are using social media job-related purposes, the study found. “Today’s workers incorporate social media into a wide range of activities while ….Read More

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