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Why Do I Need a Local I.T. Support Team?

Technology is critical for any business interested in increasing profits. Businesses rely heavily on technology to automate their core functions. While technology can be incredibly valuable when it’s working properly, it can also cause major headaches when it isn’t. Business owners are being forced to deal with the technology aspects of their business, distracting them from ….Read More

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Global Ransomeware Attack stopped by Hero with a $10.69 Purchase

On Friday the world was struck by an unprecedented ransomware cyberattack infecting over 230,000 computer systems across 150 countries (and counting). The “accidental hero” who halted the global spread of an unprecedented ransomware attack simply registered (for $10.69) a garbled domain name he discovered hidden in the malware. The global attack was brought to a sudden ….Read More

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Beware: Mobile malware attacks have skyrocketed!

An alarming increase in mobile malware is emerging as a major threat to business data and personal information. Just as mobile security experts, including the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division, are getting better at identifying operating system vulnerabilities and detecting malware, virus and malware writers have invented new stealthy methods of distributing attacks, circumventing built-in security protection ….Read More

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